Continuing from last year, we will release special order items dyed with Okinawa's traditional dyeing "Ryukyu indigo" this year as well.

Please see below for items released last year and Ryukyu Ai.
Ryukyu Indigo Dye

The first WESTOVERALLS in 2023
2023 3rd MITTAN

The fourth in 2023 is SENUI.

This is the first time to introduce SENUI at SOUTH STORE. And that is a special order item produced in collaboration. I would like to delve deeper into SENUI's commitment as a brand and bespoke items.

The technique of stitching the left and right fabrics together at the center of the back for kimonos and tailored kimonos with vertical lines in the center of the back.

Using this technique, which is not only a technique but also a crystallization of culture with various thoughts, we will make valuable clothes.

Designer: Hiroyuki Kato

Based on his experience in the production and planning of domestic and overseas shirt brands, he started the shirt brand senui in 2022. I handle everything from design to pattern and sewing by myself. He researches various shirts and vintage items from Japan, America, and Europe, and proposes a new style of shirts.

The bespoke item is a short-sleeved shirt that will come in handy in the coming season.

The silhouette is a relaxed box shape that matches the climate of Okinawa, and there are no seams on the sides, so you can wear it lightly. The collar has an open collar that is particular about how it opens, and it is three-dimensionally tailored so that it does not look too casual.

The detail that symbolizes the brand is the " back seam"
The usual side seams are eliminated, and only the back seams are sewn together. Since there are no seams on the sides, the fabric feels natural on the sides. The yoke is a split yoke, and the seam line on the back
is designed to pass neatly vertically.

The fabric is 40/1 plain weave linen woven in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and dyed with Okinawa's natural dye "Ryukyu Ai". You can enjoy the color and unique unevenness that are unique to natural dyeing.

22 fine stitches between 30mm . Normal shirt needle movement is 15 to 18 stitches within 30 mm, and dress shirts exceed 21 to 22 stitches and become recognized as that zone.

All threads are made of 60 count cotton thread. When vintage products were being produced, factory equipment was completely different from today. It is very familiar with natural fiber fabrics and creates a unique puckering. It goes very well with linen fabric. (Modern sewing machines have become high-speed industrial motors, and the sewing thread has changed to polyester to withstand it, making sewing with cotton thread extremely difficult.)

Just like the shirts that were sewn in the early 1900s , it is sewn with fine needle movement using cotton thread to achieve the texture of a vintage shirt. By wearing it for a long time, the shrinkage due to the cotton thread is derived, and beautiful puckering is born.

Color development is a proposal in 4 colors including Ryukyu indigo dyeing.

"S/S SHIRT" 30,800yen (tax included)
Off White / Black

"RYUKYU INDIGO DYED S/S SHIRT" 39,600yen (tax included)
Light Indigo / Dark Indigo

Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: S


The release date is May 3rd (Wednesday).
Sales at the online store will start at 19:00 on Wednesday, May 3rd.

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