MITTAN Ryukyu Indigo Dyed

Continuing from last year, we will release special order items dyed with Okinawa's traditional dyeing "Ryukyu indigo" this year as well.

Please see below for items released last year and Ryukyu Ai.
Ryukyu Indigo Dye

The first WESTOVERALLS in 2023

The third in 2023 is MITTAN.

Since last year, we have been releasing bespoke Ryukyu indigo dyeing products with the cooperation of various brands .

I thought it would be a waste to sell only in Okinawa, so I decided to sell it at WEEKENDER SHOP in Kuramae, Tokyo, where I have a friend.

MITTAN Ryukyu indigo bespoke 3 types are available.

"SH-69RC" Cannabis shirt size 37 ,400yen (tax in) "PT-33RC" cannabis wide thickness 46,200yen (tax in) "JK-44RC" rippled cannabis jacket 41,800yen (tax in)

All three types use 100% hemp yarn for the warp and weft. Hemp is a strong fiber, but it gradually adapts to the skin over time, and you can enjoy the change in texture from linen to cotton. The cool feel that is characteristic of cannabis continues even after repeated washing, making it comfortable to wear even in midsummer.

If the air is not properly removed from the indigo, it tends to become distorted and uneven, so each point is carefully dyed by hand. It is dyed over and over again until the ideal color is achieved .

Compared to cotton and linen, hemp cloth is more difficult to dye, and it seems that it was an item that made craftsmen cry because it required more time and labor than usual. I can only thank the craftsmen who have finished it in such a beautiful color.

The release date is May 3rd (Wednesday).
Sales at the online store will start at 19:00 on Wednesday, May 3rd.

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