Introducing the German vintage flower vase " FAT LAVA ".


Old West German porcelain made in the 1960s and 70s.
It features a design that looks like flowing lava, and the changes in glaze and unique colors are eye-catching.
FAT LAVA has many fans in Europe as a collector's item, and in recent years it has become popular in the United States and Japan.

(FAT LAVA literally translates to fat lava.)

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FAT LAVA has been available at SOUTH STORE for about three years. And I will release "ROTH KERAMIK" from the collection that I have been collecting for 5 years as a FAT LAVA collector.

"ROTH KERAMIK" is a rare collector's item among the many manufacturers of FAT LAVA, and is a must-have for fans.

The photo shows a design called a guitar by collectors.

Rare "ROTH KERAMIK" whose price rises every year
More than 20 items have been posted on the online store, so please take a look.

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