We are particular about materials and patterns, and add contemporary elements to standard items.
We propose sophisticated items that can be worn by both men and women.

The brand name YOKE has the meaning of "connecting", "bond", and "cloth for changing clothes", and is familiar with the concept of the brand.

In the process of making one piece of clothing,
Raw material→Thread→Fabric→Cutting→Sewing→Finishing
And many people are involved until it becomes a product.

Clothes are made by “connecting” them. We will understand those processes firmly and connect them. The idea is that "things connect people, people connect people, and people connect things".

The designer is Norio Terada (NORIO TERADA).
After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, Department of Design, built a career at domestic brands and select shops.
After experiencing design and production management, he became independent in 2016. York started from the 2018 Fall/Winter collection.

"NYLON COVERED TRENCH COAT" nylon trench coat
This item is a minor change of the 22SS layered trench coat.
A lightweight nylon trench coat over a cotton gabardine trench coat.
The change from the 22SS is that the number of buttons on the front has been reduced, so the fabric does not stop with the buttons and allows more movement.
In addition, nylon is rolled up to enable assistance in the inner pocket.
A button has been added to the collar on the nylon side, so it has been changed so that only the nylon side can be worn with the collar up.

The base fabric for the coat is 60/- Supima cotton high-density gabardine.
The 20d ultra-lightweight micro ripstop layered on top features a moderately crisp texture due to the coating on the back and a wrinkled surface. It is also water repellent.
The plaid pattern is layered with a small checkered nylon material over a small houndstooth cotton gabardine.

size (cm)
2 / Length 117 Sleeve length 84 Width 60
A wearing model: 174cm wearing size: 2

Material: 100% nylon outer material, 100% cotton lining

Made in Japan
Product number: YK22AW0365C

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