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It rose from the west and came down to the east. Once a symbol of rebellion, once the order of the worker, it stands in the heart of the world as a symbol of freedom. It stands in the center of the world as a symbol of freedom. As the designer who revolutionized the fashion world said, "I could not bring it into the world. It is a pity that I could not bring it to the world." It was born not by chance, but by necessity, and as necessity, by chance, it attracts many people.
It rose from the west and came down to the east. It will continue to exist forever as an indispensable presence for all time. It has an inseparable relationship with human beings.
It rose from the west and came down to the east. It was born in a country town in the West, evolved through the Industrial Revolution, prospered in the largest country in the world, and is now known by people all over the world. It is "JEANS". It has been created in the long history of "JEANS" and has quietly evolved in moments and cycles.
Rising from the west, it has come down to the east. It was once a symbol of rebellion, or a worker's medal. It stands in the center of the world as a symbol of freedom. This is the story of those who were fascinated by JEANS. First created at the end of the 19th century, it was named "WAIST OVER ALL" and will continue to be gently transformed into a form in moments and cycles.
Yes, it is "WESTOVERALLS" that is being created for the future.

RYUKYU INDIGO (Ryukyu Indigo Dyeing)
Ryukyu indigo, which has been cultivated in Okinawa since ancient times and used as a dye for indigo dyeing, is an essential dye for Okinawan textiles. Its cultivation method is harsh, and in order to grow good quality indigo leaves, thorough cultivation management and techniques are required, as well as strong physical and mental strength to endure the hard labor during the indigo making process. In addition, it takes years of experience and heat training to determine the state of fermentation and the amount of lime water to be used in the production stage.
The indigo produced by the traditional method, which has been handed down from generation to generation, is dyed and washed by hand, one by one, carefully and repeatedly, giving each piece a unique texture and depth of expression that cannot be achieved with chemical dyes. Ryukyu indigo can be said to be the color of culture with a depth like the beautiful sea of Okinawa. However, as time has passed and synthetic indigo, which is inexpensive and readily available, has become widespread, the number of people engaged in the labor-intensive indigo work has decreased.
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A beautiful handbag with a woven pattern reminiscent of vintage.
Inspired by vintage American woven coverlets, the fabric was originally produced. This item is a special order item dyed with Ryukyu indigo, a natural dye from Okinawa.
You can enjoy the color and the unique unevenness that only natural dyeing can give.

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F-Type / Length 37, width 35, gusset 11

Material : 100% Cotton
Made in Japan
Product Number : 23SSBG01

<Please note the following as the characteristics of the product before purchase
Please note that there are individual differences due to the hand-dyeing process.
Please enjoy the uneven color transition as the texture of natural dyeing in any case. The unique sense of irregularity is the greatest feature that cannot be expressed by chemical dyes.
As a precaution for indigo-dyed products, there is a possibility of color migration in the first few times due to natural dyeing. We have taken precautions to prevent this, but please be aware of the characteristics of natural dyeing.
Please keep the product in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight, as it tends to get sunburned.
When the product arrives, the unique indigo dye stain may float on the surface, causing it to smell and turn a yellowish brown color. In this case, please care for the garment as described below before wearing. The stain will be removed and the vivid color unique to natural indigo dyeing will increase.
This item is also available in stores, so there is a possibility that it is already sold out when you place an order.
Please understand this in advance.

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