STILL BY HAND "VE01241" Stand collar vest


"Basic with uniqueness"

In the words of a shop owner in Europe,
"Plain. Simple. Yet delicate."
If you are looking for clothes like this
You might find something.

Although it may not be something to show off,
Things that bring a little change to your daily life.
If only I could deliver such clothes. I think so.

"VE01241" Stand collar vest
A stand-up collar vest that combines a resilient and loose feel by adding a time-consuming pre-process to the fabric. It's not too thick and is small enough to fit in your luggage. It can be worn as an outer layer and can also be used as a middle layer. This piece features an urban atmosphere without being too outdoor.

size (cm)
48/ Length 70 Shoulder width 50 Width 62
50/ Length 72 Shoulder width 52 Width 64
Model wearing: 178cm Wearing size: 50

Material: Cotton 70% Parer 30%
Made in Japan
Product Number : VE01241

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