STILL BY HAND "SH01234" Pullover Shirt

"Basic with uniqueness"

In the words of a shop owner in Europe,
"Plain. Simple. Yet delicate."
If you are looking for clothes like this
You might find something.

Although it may not be something to show off,
Things that bring a little change to your daily life.
If only I could deliver such clothes. I think so.

"SH01234" Pullover Shirt

A pullover shirt made from organic cotton from Turkey.
It has an oversized silhouette with a slightly longer length. The fleshy material makes it look great when worn alone. The loose silhouette and small collar give it a slightly distinctive balance.

size (cm)
46 / Length 78 Shoulder width 49 Sleeve length 60
Width 62
48/ Length 80 Shoulder width 51 Sleeve length 61 Width 64
48/ Length 82 Shoulder width 54 Sleeve length 62 Width 66
Model wearing: 174cm Wearing size: 46

Material: Cotton 100%
Made in Japan
Product No. SH01234

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