SOUTH MADE "SM-OP-01L" Penguin flower vase


SOUTH MADE is a product brand created with craftsmen who have inherited traditional Okinawan techniques. We produce products for daily life that are close to modern life, with a careful craftsmanship that is consistent with mid-century modernism, while respecting the essence of Okinawa's traditional techniques, history, and nature, and paying close attention to the materials used.
Each product is assigned a product number starting with "SM-", which means "Scandinavian interior design from around the 1950s. This is a tribute to the masterpieces of Scandinavian "mid-century modern" furniture from around the 1950s, and we hope that our products will be passed down to future generations like the masterpieces they are.

"SM-OP-01L" Penguin flower vase
The "SM-OP" series is Okinawan pottery Yachimun.
The red clay from Nakijin Village in northern Okinawa is used to express colors and patterns using glazes such as "silgusui" and "augusuya," which are typical Yachimun.
Each piece is individually wheel-thrown by a craftsman, and the shapes and glazes are changed by firing after forming, so each piece is one-of-a-kind. You can feel the charm of natural materials and the expression (charm) that only handmade work can give.

Artist: Kotaku Fukagai
Place: Yomitan, Okinawa
Size: H18,5cm x W15 x Caliber4.5cm
Material: Pottery

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