Railroad Sock "MENS CREW WORK 3P"

Railroad Sock
Founded in 1901, Railroad Sock is one of the oldest existing sock mills in the United States. Railroad Sock was founded in 1896 as a fabric mill in Moncton, Pennsylvania, and began manufacturing socks in 1901. For more than 100 years since its establishment, American workers have supported the company for its reliable quality. Today, the company also manufactures socks for renowned shoe brands, and is family owned and operated with a commitment to high quality, durability, and MADE IN USA.

These ribbed socks are moderately thick and suitable for daily use. The loosely knitted pile lining gently wraps the foot, and the ribbing is also moderately tight for a comfortable fit.

Size (cm)
Mens Free

Material Cotton 87% Nylon 13
Made in USA

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