PADMORE & BARNES "P204" Low cut wallabee shoes (vibram sole)

PADMORE & BARNES is a shoe factory founded in Ireland in 1934.
At our own factory in Ireland, we have been making shoes for a long time using unique traditional handmade techniques carried out in each home by over 500 staff and hundreds of people around the company.
In 1967, the company's manager at the time devised a revolutionary hand-stitched full moccasin shoe and proposed it to CLARKS in the UK.
Since then, we have been contracted to produce representative models such as the Wallaby and Natalie from the England-made era as a CLARKS affiliated factory.
After that, CLARKS moved production to Asia due to cost issues, but under the name PADMORE & BARNES, shoes with original designs, including classics from the CLARKS era, were still produced in Ireland.
Today, the company continues to uphold this tradition and has earned an international reputation for its design and as a pioneer in innovation and production technology in the production of casual shoes.

"P204" Low cut wallabee shoes (vibram sole)
Low-cut classic wallaby shoes made of high-quality suede material.
The sole uses Vibram Morflex, which pursues lightness. It is surprisingly light and comfortable to wear compared to the standard crepe sole.
They are still produced in Europe and continue to be made entirely by hand, one pair at a time.
The wooden last, which is the key to the shoe, is the same as it was when Clarks was manufactured.
The versatility that goes with any bottoms and the comfort of the crepe sole are appealing.
With its traditional design, this pair is timeless and can be matched with a variety of styles.

size (cm)

upper: Suede
sole: Vibram Morflex Unit


*As this is natural leather, there may be small scratches, wrinkles, slight scuffs, slight differences in finish between the left and right sides, and slight bond stains from the manufacturing process.
Please understand that this is a characteristic of the product before purchasing.

*This product is currently on sale in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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