OAXACA WOOD CARVING "Dream Dreams Manuel Jiménez: A Brief History of Oaxacan Wood Carving"


"Dream Dreams Manuel Jiménez: A Brief History of Oaxacan Wood Carving"
Dreams Dreaming by Manuel Jimenez: Excerpts from Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Text by Atsuko Yamamoto [LABRAVA]
Photo by Masahiro Yamamoto [LABRAVA]
Designed by Kaoru Shimada
Catalog number MiL 2
Issued on April 30, 2023
B4 size (257mm x 364mm) 30 pages + poster + B4 variant card

Oaxacan wood carving is known as one of Mexico's most representative folk arts. This is a taploid book that traces the history of Oaxacan wood carving while introducing the vintage works of its founder, Manuel Jimenez. It is a compilation of the results of observing and collecting thousands of Oaxacan wood carvings over more than 20 years.

*26 carefully selected vintage works by Manuel Jimenez from the 1940s in large color illustrations.
* 8,500 words of text about Manuel Jimenez and Oaxacan wood carving. Full of unknown anecdotes.
* A visual history and poster providing an overview of all 56 Jimenez family works.
*The collection of Manuel Jimenez works collected by Hamada Shoji will also be introduced.
*The large color illustrations are not bound so that they can be displayed as posters.
*You can also access the web version (in your preferred language) by scanning the QR code on the colophon.
*Works released as part of the "Mexican Image Limited" project, which introduces Mexican folk art and Mexican culture in a variety of forms, including shops, books, and installations.

[Yamamoto Atsuko and Yamamoto Masahiro] In 2000, they opened LABRAVA (MiL 1), a Mexican folk art specialty store, in Kichijoji, Tokyo. In 2005, they planned the exhibition "Oaxacan Wood Carving - The Evolution of Mexican Folk Art" held at graf media gm in Osaka. They will create the exhibit "Day of the Dead Altar" (MiL 3) for the special exhibition "Folk Art of Latin America" ​​at the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka in 2023. They are also involved in various activities related to Mexican folk art and Mexican culture, such as planning and cooperating with exhibitions, holding talk events, and delivering exhibited works to the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka.

[Kaoru Shimada] After gaining experience as a graphic designer at Kohei Sugiura Plus Eyes, she went independent. In 2015, her design for "Fukumi Shimura Tsumuguori" (Kyuryudo) won the Gold Award and the Jury Special Award (Matsunaga Makoto Award) in the Catalogue category at the 57th National Catalogue Exhibition.

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