NEAT "Cellulose Nidom Wide Type1"

NEAT" is a Japanese brand specializing in pants launched in the 2015 fall/winter season. The concept of the brand is the same: "Wear a T-shirt on top and sneakers on the bottom, but only wear pants that are well-made. That alone will give you a classy style. This is what the brand is all about.

"Cellulose Nidom Wide Type1"
The fabric is an original fabric that the designer wanted to reproduce the fabric of work pants used in German coal mines in the 1920s and 1930s, which he owned, and made through trial and error with a fabric store. The result was cellulose (recycled fiber). The cellulose was densely woven and then subjected to a special washing process to produce this unique texture.
The silhouette is a wide silhouette with a sense of volume. It is designed with two tucks and is loose around the waist, tapering from below the knees to the hem. The three-dimensional, presence-inspiring appearance makes for a great look even when worn with a T-shirt alone. The hems are lock-stitched and can be easily adjusted to double, single, or ankle-length as desired.

SIZE (cm)
44 / Waist 78, Inseam 33, Inseam 93, Waist 36, Hem 25.5
46 / Waist 82, Inseam 33.5, Inseam 93, Vertical width 37, Hem width 26
48 / Waist 86, Inseam 34, Inseam 93, Vertical width 38, Hem width 26.5
Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: 44

Material :100% cellulose
Product number : 23-01CNW-T1

This product has been specially treated to give it a textured appearance. Therefore, there are vertical stripes and uneven dyeing on the surface of the fabric. Please note that there may be some weaving in places, which is a characteristic of this fabric. The hem (length) of this product is untreated. This product is also sold in stores, so there is a possibility that it is already sold out when you place an order. Please understand this in advance.

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