Murano Glass Murano glass "Vintage Vase" vintage flower vase

Murano Glass
Murano glass is a glass craft that has been handed down one by one by a limited number of craftsmen on "Murano Island", a small island in Venice, northern Italy, and has been handed down for about 1000 years. Commonly known as Venetian glass.
Murano, also known as the "Island of Glass," is still densely populated with glass workshops. Its origins lie in the days when Venice was still a single country, the Republic of Venice, to prevent advanced glass technology from leaking out of the country. It all started when the government of the Venetian Republic imprisoned glassmakers and their families on the island of Murano.
The work of Murano glass craftsmen is really hard, and the number of successors continues to decrease year by year, and today, the number of senior craftsmen (maestro) on Murano Island is very small.
The craftsmanship that has been cultivated over a long period of time and the traditional lamps also have shadows, and the Murano glass produced by the hands of senior craftsmen is becoming more rare and valuable every day.

This item is a vintage item.
Overall, there are small scratches, rubbing, and small chips due to long-term use.

size: height about 19 width about 8.5 caliber about 5.5
color: Blue
brand : Murano Glass (Italy)
Age: 1960s-1970s

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