MITTAN "PT-70" flax ramie wide

MITTAN proposes contemporary ethnic clothing based on the history of clothing and fabrics left behind in the world.
By reinterpreting flat structures and combining them with the original functionality of natural materials, we aim to create long-lasting clothing that is not bound by the transient trends of the times.

-Production Background-
Fabrics are mainly hand-woven in machine-woven production areas in Japan such as Enshu, Banshu, and Bishu, as well as in Asian countries such as India and Laos.
The designers visit the weaving mills directly as much as possible to develop their own materials.
Cotton thread is mainly used for sewing threads, and natural materials are used for accessories such as weaving names, quality labels, and buttons, which are sewn at affiliated factories in Japan.
For dyeing, we use not only regular dyes but also plants, indigo, insects, and minerals, and we consider the uneven color transitions to be a thing of beauty.

-About alterations for MITTAN products-
MITTAN clothes are designed to be worn not just for one season, but for a long time, even after the fabric is worn out. Therefore, we offer repair services to ensure long-lasting use of our garments.
Please see below for details of our repair services.

-Regarding the size of MITTAN items-
MITTAN items are unisex.
Sizes are denoted as 1, 2, and 3.
1 is a women's M, 2 is a men's M, and 3 is a men's L.
Please choose the size according to how you prefer to wear it, such as compact or roughly oversized.

"PT-70" Flax Ramie Wide
For more information about this product, please see the following product detail page prepared by the brand.

1 / Waist 66-86, inseam 32, inseam 61, width 33, hem width 23
2 / Waist 69-89, Inseam 34, Inseam 64, Vertical 35, Hem width 25
3 / Waist 72-92, Inseam 36, Inseam 68, Vertical 37, Hem width 26
Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: 2

Material : 100% linen (50% linen, 50% ramie)

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