Jutta Neumann is a New York-based brand that produces leather sandals and leather accessories that are handmade by female artisans from Germany. In the 1980s, he moved to New York from Paris and trained for six years under Barbara Shaum, who was making leather sandals in New York.In 1994, he became independent and started his own brand.
Sandals and accessories are still handmade in New York by Jutta Neumann, her son, and several craftsmen.
The arch support (bulge of the arch), which is individually bent by hand, will become familiar with your feet as you use it.

A model "HERMES" fixed with a strap on the instep and a thumb hole representing Jutta Newman.
Harako is used for the upper. The inside of the upper is made of soft leather that feels good on your feet.
The outsole uses Birkenstock sole that boasts high grip and cushioning. Sandals that can be used for many years by replacing the sole.
The biggest attraction of Jutta Newman is comfort.
The high hold feeling due to the shape of the footbed is addictive comfort. In addition, it does not make you feel the fatigue peculiar to sandals. The comfort that fits the sole is called "Rolls Royce of the sandal world".

size (cm)
8D (26.0)
9D (27.0)
10D (28.0)
11D (29.0)

Material: Harako x Cowhide
Made in USA

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