ISLAND SLIPPER i"PB203 PT203" suede sandals

Since its founding in 1946, <Island Slippers> have been produced on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
Its history is that Takizo Motonaga (Motonaga Takizo), a Japanese immigrant to Hawaii, created the prototype of sandals, and his son Edward Motonaga developed the company into a factory.

In 1986, Mr. Motonaga was succeeded by Mr. John Carpenter (current president), and the "Irad Slippers" brand has grown significantly as a global sandal maker.
Since its founding, the philosophy of "a resort sandal maker that does everything from design to manufacturing in Hawaii" has not changed, and all products are "Made in Hawaii".

<Island Slippers> are made at our own factory in Pearl City, using traditional Hawaiian printed fabrics and carefully selected leather materials from the mainland United States. There are almost no precision machines in the factory, and the products made by skilled craftsmen one by one are filled with the love of the craftsmen and the president, John and Daisy, who watch over them.

<Island slippers>, which is filled with such love and handmade warmth, are very different from flip-flops simply worn at the beach.
Just by putting your feet in <Island Slippers>, the usual asphalt road becomes a meadow, and the busy time turns into a leisurely flow, creating a feeling of relaxation from the bottom of your heart.
You should naturally think that the word "comfortable to wear" means something like this.

For the Happy ISLAND SLIPPER Family all over the world, we will continue to make "the best quality that does not change" forever.

"PB203 PT203" suede sandals
Tong type suede sandals released as a standard model.
The biggest attraction is the soft comfort. You can enjoy soft comfort even when walking on hard asphalt.
The more you put it on, the more it fits your feet, and you can enjoy the aging of the leather.
Sandals that can be worn anywhere, not only for the beach, but also for town use.
Because it is made of suede, it has an elegant appearance that is not too casual.

size (cm)
4 (22.0)
5 (23.0)
6 (24.0)
7 (25.0)
8 (26.0)
9 (27.0)
10 (28.0)

Material: Upper: Suede Sole: Rubber
Made in Hawaii

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