Hender Scheme "caterpillar kamaboko vibram sole"

Hender Scheme
While sex refers to physical and biological differences, gender refers to social and cultural differences. The brand name "Hender Scheme" was coined from the psychological term "Gender Schema" by changing the initial "G" of "Gender" to "H", which is one more than the initial "G" in the alphabetical order, The "G" in "Gender" is replaced by the letter "H" to express the concept of "transcending gender". The concept is "to design freely beyond gender without being bound by gender differences between men and women" in the field of "design" which belongs to the social gender difference (gender), and to design well-balanced "things" with an emphasis on the balance between mode and craft. We design well-balanced "things" with an emphasis on the balance between mode and craft.

"caterpillar kamaboko vibram sole"
This model uses an original sole developed in collaboration with Vibram for Hender Scheme's standard spring/summer sandal "caterpillar".
The Vibram NEWFLEX material is based on foam and natural rubber, and is both lightweight and durable.
In terms of detailing, the toe and cuff have an original texture for grip and design, and the shape of the toe spring and calfskin have also been improved for an updated design and functionality.
This was the first attempt by vibram to create a NEWFLEX sole with this much thickness, but after much trial and error, we were able to commercialize it.
The upper material is made from thick cowhide leather, which is tanned to make it softer and thicker. The leather is used for the foot side of the upper, and the surface is made of rubber coated cowhide leather.

4 (25.5-26.0)
5 (26.5-27.0)
6 (27.5-28.0)

upper: cow leather with rubber/cow leather
sole: kamaboko vibram sole

Made in Japan

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