GHBASS "Larson Moc Penny"

GHBASS, a long-established shoe brand founded in the United States by George Henry Bass in 1876, is famous as the company that made loafers for the first time in the world. Originally made based on the shoes worn by Norwegian woodcutters, it was released under the brand name "WEEJUNS", which means "Norwegian". These shoes, which are called loafers in the sense of lazy people, are widely recognized as essential items for Ivy because they have a wide opening, no laces, and are easy to put on and take off.

"Larson Moc Penny"
A penny loafer with an elegant impression that uses high shine leather for the upper.
The “beef roll”, which looks like the chopsticks of the saddle are wrapped around each other, is a design unique to loafers.
It gives a voluminous and rough impression.
Made with the traditional McKay manufacturing method, it is characterized by its familiarity with your feet that wraps around your feet as you wear them.
This versatile item can be worn with a wide range of styles from pants to skirts.

size (cm)
US 7H(25.5)
US 8(26.0)
US 8H(26.5)
US 9(27.0)
US 9H(27.5)

Material: Cowhide
Made in El Salvador

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