We believe that by creating a design that does not interfere with the characteristics of the material or silhouette, we can take advantage of the inherent goodness.
If we can convey the skills of the craftsmen involved in a better way, we hope that we will be able to create products that the wearer can enjoy and enjoy for a long time.

A classic drizzler style blouson jacket.
Front double ZIP specification. The cuffs have elastic , so they have a rough , voluminous feel that collects on your wrists. The hem has a straight style with a droopy feel, giving it a modern look . The thin fabric and light tailoring allow it to be worn in a wide range of seasons . Not only can it be worn over a shirt , but it also goes well with thin innerwear such as a T- shirt .
With front pocket.

An original gabardine fabric that reproduces wool suit fabric using environmentally friendly recycled polyester . The motif is the crisp , dry texture and natural fine wrinkles that appear when wool is washed .
It has an elegance similar to wool suit fabric and a tasteful texture that makes it difficult to believe that it is polyester . It is a sustainable, high -performance material that dries within 3 hours after washing and dehydrating . A relaxing stretch that stretches with gentle force without any pressure . Compared to wool and cotton materials , it is resistant to fading and wrinkles .

size (cm)
M / Length 68 Shoulder width 59 Sleeve length 56 Width 67
L / Length 70 Shoulder width 61 Sleeve length 58 Width 69

Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: M

Material: 100% recycled polyester
Made in Japan
Product number: YS-24SS-24

*This product is currently on sale in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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