We are particular about materials and patterns, and add contemporary elements to standard items.
We offer sophisticated items that can be worn unisex.

The brand name, YOKE, has the meanings of ``connection,'' ``bonds,'' and ``cloth for changing clothes,'' which are consistent with the brand's concept.

The process of making a piece of clothing,
Raw materials → Thread → Fabric → Cutting → Sewing → Finishing
Many people are involved in the process of creating a product.

Clothes are created when these things are “connected”. We will firmly understand these processes and connect them. It embodies the idea that "things connect people, people connect people, and people connect things."

The designer is Norio Terada.
After graduating from Bunka Fashion College's Department of Design, she built a career at domestic brands and select shops.
After gaining experience in design and production management, he became independent in 2016. York starts from the 2018 fall/winter collection.

As a YOKE standard, the item name is YOKE T - S H IRT .
Up until now
, I've been creating designs that have an inside-out piping effect , but I wanted to keep it simple, so I created a basic design that was particular about the texture, coloring, and pattern, and incorporated YOKE's uniqueness. Did.
It looks normal at first glance , but there is a switch at the yoke part on the back , and the yoke is one continuous piece from both sleeves . The front has set-in sleeves, but the back has dolman sleeves. In addition, the shoulder hooks, armholes , and yoke transition areas are accented with fine double- needle lockstitching to add strength and design . The silhouette is a little loose-fitting.

size (cm)
2 / Length 68 Shoulder width 61 Sleeve length 22 Width 66
3 / Length 70 Shoulder width 63 Sleeve length 23 Width 68

Material: Cotton 100%
Made in JAPAN
Product number: YK24SS0669CS

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