We are particular about materials and patterns, and add contemporary elements to standard items.
We propose sophisticated items that can be worn by both men and women.

The brand name YOKE has the meaning of "connecting", "bond", and "cloth for changing clothes", and is familiar with the concept of the brand.

In the process of making one piece of clothing,
Raw material→Thread→Fabric→Cutting→Sewing→Finishing
And many people are involved until it becomes a product.

Clothes are made by “connecting” them. We will understand those processes firmly and connect them. The idea is that "things connect people, people connect people, and people connect things".

The designer is Norio Terada (NORIO TERADA).
After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, Department of Design, built a career at domestic brands and select shops.
After experiencing design and production management, he became independent in 2016. York started from the 2018 Fall/Winter collection.

"YOKE T-SHIRT" As a new standard of YOKE, we named this item "YOKE T-SHIRT".
Until now, we have used inside-out piping to create this item, but we wanted to keep it simple, so we created this item with a basic YOKE feel, focusing on the material, coloring, and pattern.
At first glance, it looks normal, but there is a switch at the yoke on the back, and the yoke is switched from both sleeves in one continuous piece. The front has set-in sleeves, but the back has dolman sleeves. In addition, the shoulder hagging, sleeve gussets, and the yoke switching part are slightly accentuated with fine 2-needle mainstitching to give strength and design. The silhouette is a little loose-fitting.

Original white king organic cotton jersey.

What is White King? White King is a cotton grown in the Fergana Basin in the eastern part of Uzbekistan, Central Asia. The region, which developed as an oasis on the Silk Road in ancient times, has developed as a cotton-growing region due to its clean, nutrient-rich meltwater from the surrounding Tien Shan Mountains, large temperature differences, and arid climate. Because of the high altitude and lack of pests, organic cultivation has been practiced without the use of pesticides for many years. Cotton grown in this environment is soft and has a high degree of whiteness, hence the name White King. The yarns are specially spun to minimize fluffing, resulting in a fabric with good coloring and a clear impression even in the state of yarn and fabric.

Size (cm)
2 / Length 67, Shoulder width 60, Sleeve length 21, Body width 63
3 / Length 69, Shoulder width 62, Sleeve length 22, Body width 66
Wearing model: 174cm, size: 2

Material : 100% Cotton
Material : Cotton 100% Material
Product number :YK23SS0485CS

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