XOLO JEWELRY "Tuba Link Bracelet 12mm"

The brand was established in 2019 in TAXCO, Mexico, a city known for its silver.
All jewelry is produced by local silversmiths using traditional methods.
The name "XOLO" is derived from the hairless dog, a species endemic to Mexico, and represents the beautiful luster of the XOLO and the familiarity of the Mexican people.

This is a silver town that has been booming since the discovery of the first mine in North and Central America and the silver rush during the Spanish colonial period.
The walls of houses and cabs are uniformly white or beige, and the colonial style remains in the beautiful streets.
Mexican Jewelry, the oldest silver jewelry production area, has inherited the traditional methods and continues to produce world-renowned jewelry.

Tuba Link Bracelet 12mm
Size : 19cm

Material : Silver 925
Made in Mexico
Product number : XOB018

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