Studio Nicholson "MERINO" canvas sneakers

STUDIO NICHOLSON is a British fashion brand created by Nick Wakeman.
Since its debut in 2010, the brand has incorporated menswear elements such as dressiness and silhouettes unique to menswear into its collections, and has proposed a clean and elegant wardrobe for the modern woman.
Studio Nicholson, which began as a womenswear brand, began offering a full-fledged menswear line starting with the 2017 Fall/Winter collection.

Charlie Mellor has been brought in as product designer.

"MERINO" Vulcanized Sole Canvas Shoe Canvas Sneaker
Collaboration of Japanese long-established shoe manufacturer MOONSTAR and STUDIO NICHOLSON.
The most distinctive feature is the use of the vulcanized manufacturing method.
After the upper and sole are glued together by hand, they are heated in a cauldron at approximately 200°C to further increase the crimping force, resulting in a shoe with excellent flexibility and durability.
The cotton canvas upper, cotton shoelaces, and gray dovecote are all finished in the same tone for a clean STUDIO NICHOLSON-like impression.
The beautiful shape of the toe part is also a point that cannot be overlooked.

UK6 (25cm)
UK7 (26cm)
UK8 (27cm)
UK9 (28cm)
*The shoes are about 0.5-1cm larger than indicated.

Material : Canvas and rubber sole
Made in Japan

This item is also on sale in stores, so there is a possibility that it is already sold out when you place an order.
Please understand this in advance.

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