STILL BY HAND "KN01241" Melange knit polo cardigan



"Basic with uniqueness"

In the words of a shop owner in Europe,
"Plain. Simple. Yet delicate."
If you're looking for these kinds of clothes, you might be able to find something.

Although it may not be something to show off,
Things that bring a little change to your daily life.
If only I could deliver such clothes. I think so.

"KN01241" Melange knit polo cardigan
A 12G collared cardigan made of cotton/polyester/linen blend yarn and high-resistance yarn.
We purposely do not match the colors of the combined strongly twisted cotton, so that the ribbed parts have a subtle color scheme.

size (cm)
46 / Length 71 Shoulder width 52 Sleeve length 60 Width 61
48 / Length 72 Shoulder width 54 Sleeve length 61 Width 63
Model wearing: 178cm Wearing size: 48

Material: Cotton 65% Polyester 18% Linen 17%
Made in Japan
Product No.: KN01241

*This product is currently on sale in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.

Please note.

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