SOUTH MADE "SM-OP-01TL" Penguin-shaped table lamp

"SOUTH MADE" is a product brand created together with craftsmen who inherit Okinawan traditional techniques. While valuing Okinawa's traditional techniques, history, and the essence of nature, we are particular about materials, and use careful craftsmanship that is reminiscent of mid-century modernism to create items that are relevant to modern life.
Products are assigned product numbers starting with "SM-". This is an homage to the masterpieces of Scandinavian interior ``mid-century modern'' furniture from around the 1950s, and we want it to be passed down as a masterpiece, not just as a product.

"Fukagai Kobo" author Kotaku Fukagai.
In 2012, studied under Mayan Yamada of Yamada Kobo in Yomitan Village.
Became independent in Yomitan Village in 2018.

"SM-OP-01TL" Penguin-shaped table lamp
The "SM-OP" series is Okinawan pottery Yachimun.
Using red clay from Nakijin village located in northern Okinawa Prefecture, Yachimun uses representative glazes such as ``Shirgusui'' and ``Augusya'' to express the colors and patterns.
Each piece is made by hand by a craftsman on a potter's wheel, and the shape and glaze change when fired after molding, so each piece is unique. You can feel the charm of natural materials and handmade products.

Production area: Yomitan, Okinawa
Size: Width 15cm Height 18.5cm Diameter 4.5cm
Bulb: E14 (The bulb in the photo is included)
Material: pottery

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