Seisho Kuniyoshi "Small Yakishime Plate"


"Small Yakishime Plate"
Pottery fired in an anagama kiln and wood-fired firing process often shows some kiln marks (such as cracks, chips, stone chips, swelling, and peeling marks) and distortions, but these are usually treated as flawless. In the case of Seisho Kuniyoshi, he fires his pottery at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time than many other artists, so these tend to be even more noticeable. However, in any case, these are seen as part of his style and charm, rather than as defects or flaws.

Artist: Seisho Kuniyoshi
Origin: Okinawa
Size: Height 3.2cm Width 11.3cm
Material: Ceramic

Seisho Kuniyoshi (1943-1999)
He trained at the Tsuboya ware kiln Niogama, and then worked as a potter under Living National Treasure Hamada Shoji (Mashiko Town, Haga District, Tochigi Prefecture) in Yomitan Village. He has built his own unique style while learning from tradition, focusing on works made with a firing method that makes use of the natural earthenware of Okinawa, and is a pioneer in the world of Okinawan pottery, especially in the creation of objects.

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