Paraboot "REIMS"

The founder is Remy Richard Pomvert.
The only shoe manufacturer in the world that manufactures the sole itself, which has been passed down for three generations since 1919.
More than 100 processes are made by hand A comfortable fit is created by a process that is extremely handmade.
The wax-impregnated "Wakshi Leather Model" is a very practical and standard model that can be used even in the rain without worrying about it.
Although the traditional manufacturing method has not changed since its establishment, it has never forgotten its innovative and forward-thinking ideas and its adventurous spirit.

Loafer model "REIMS" of classic Tyrolean shoes "MICHAEL".
Since REIMS is sewn with thick moccasins like MICHAEL, everything is finished by hand in order to strongly sew the base of the instep.
The thick sole is used, but the opening is deep and finished at a unique angle so that the heel does not easily slip off.

Loafers with such a heavy taste are not found anywhere else in the world, and have been widely recognized around the world for their American taste and French flair.

size (cm)
UK6 (24.5)
UK 6H (25.0)
UK 7 (25.5)
UK 7H (26.0)
UK8 (26.5)

Material: Upper: Cowhide Sole: Rubber
Made in France

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