Paraboot "CHAMBORD"

The founder is Remy Richard Pontvert.
The only shoe manufacturer in the world that also manufactures its own soles, which has been passed down through three generations since 1919.
More than 100 steps are performed by hand to create a comfortable fit.
The ``waxy leather model'' is a highly practical standard model that is impregnated with wax and can be used without worry even in the rain.
Although we have used traditional manufacturing methods that have remained unchanged since our founding, we have never forgotten our innovative, forward-looking ideas and adventurous spirit.

CHAMBORD is the most popular and representative U-tip shoe in the paraboot collection. The upper is made of lisse leather, which has a high oil content and is resistant to rain. The combination of Norwegian welt construction and original highly cushioned sole provides excellent comfort. An attractive pair that goes well with any outfit, from casual to dress. These leather shoes are resistant to bad weather.

size (cm)
UK 6 (24.5)
UK 6H (25.0)
UK 7 (25.5)
UK 7H (26.0)
UK 8 (26.5)
UK 8H (27.0)

Material: Upper: Cowhide Sole: Rubber
Made in France

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Please note.

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