Pantherella "5614_DANVERS" cotton socks

Pantherella is a luxury sock manufacturer founded in 1937 in Leicester, England.
The founder, Louis Goldschmidt, foresaw that as men's fashion became lighter, lighter socks would become a trend. Got attention.
Pantherella socks are characterized by a closed toe finish called "Fine Linked Toe".
This process creates a smooth, soft and uniform seam.
Therefore, there is no feeling of looseness at the joints when you wear it, and you can get a comfortable fit that sticks to your feet.
In addition, all the threads used are twisted according to the company's own specifications, and are made using only the finest quality materials such as superfine merino wool, Egyptian cotton, silk, and cashmere.

"5614_DANVERS" cotton socks
Panthera's standard and long-selling cotton socks.
Pantherella's short hoses are carefully finished by skilled craftsmen, making full use of our extensive know-how in various parts. Combining the ultimate materials and technology, it creates a comfortable fit that sticks to your feet as if it were made to order.

size (cm)
Men's Free (S) / about 24.5-26

Material 70% cotton, 30% nylon
Made in UK

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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