OAXACA WOOD CARVING "Jaguar (by Isaias Jimenez)"



Artist: Isaias Jimenez Origin: Arrazola, Oaxaca, Mexico Size: Length 30cm, Height 22.5cm
Year of production: 2023

Isaias Jimenez Hernandez

Born in 1961.
Isaias, son of Manuel Jimenez, founder of Oaxacan wood carving.
Together with his older brother Angelico, he began helping his father with wood carving in his teens, learning the techniques and honing his own skills.

Even after having a family, she continued to live with her father, Manuel, and so she expanded part of the house where she was born and established the Manuel Jimenez Museum. She actively participates in workshops for tourists and folk art exhibitions in other regions, and is dedicated to promoting the family and the museum.

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