Nuutajarvi Nuutajarvi "Kaj Franck Vase 3413" Kai Franck Vintage Flower Vase

Founded in Nuutajärvi, Finland in 1793, it is the oldest glass manufacturer in Finland.
Although Nuutajarvi has been around for over 200 years, it has had various histories.
In 1950, the factory burned down. The owner at that time did not have the financial strength to rebuild the factory, and Nuutajarvi was sold to Wartsila, a company famous for ARABIA. With this acquisition Nuutajärvi's products will be sold under the ARABIA-Wartsila brand.
After this merger in 1950, Nuutajärvi's products boomed, partly due to the presence of Kaj Franck, who became an art director.
Oiva Toikka joined the company in 1962. I built a golden age with Kaj Franck.
Although it merged with iittala in 1988, Nuutajärvi products are very popular and there are many collectors around the world.

Kaj Franck (1911-1989)
Known as "The Conscience of Finnish Design". Frank grew up in a time when the glamorous life of beautifully decorated dinner sets gave way to the simple life of a few stone dishes. Franck positioned his style in the middle of these two poles, and changed the general perception of tableware so far. He used serial manufacturing to make versatile, practical, quality tableware available at affordable prices. Frank's career was guided by a desire to capture the essence of things, not just a social conscience. Franck was a professor at the Helsinki University of Art and Design. His work has received worldwide acclaim and numerous awards. In Finland, the Kaj Franck Design Award was also established in his honor. Iittala's Teema and Cartio, designed by Franck, are long-selling watches that have been popular for generations. These are standard items, but they are legendary classic designs created by Kaj Franck.

"Kaj Franck Vase 3413" Kaj Franck Vintage Flower Vase
Flower vase "3413" designed by Kaj Franck.
"3413" was manufactured in the 1960s.
Each piece is carefully made by craftsmen using the blown glass (mouth blow) technique, and its thin, smooth and sharp form will fascinate you.

This item is a vintage item.
Overall there are small scratches and rubbing due to long-term use.

size: Φ5cm H23cm
color: Blue
design: Kaj Franck
brand : Nuutajarvi (Finland)
Years: 1960s

*Because it is a handmade product using natural materials, there are individual differences in size, color tone, and texture.
*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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