NEAT "Ultra Suede Wide"

NEAT, a Japanese brand specializing in pants, will start from the Fall/Winter 2015 season.
NEAT means "proper" or "well behaved" in English.
The brand concept is the same, "Tops are T-shirts, feet are sneakers, but only pants are neat.
Because that alone makes it a classy style. "That's what I think.

"Ultra Suede Wide"
The fabric is TORAY Ultra Suede.
In general faux suede, suede-like material is applied over non-woven fabric (material for masks, etc.), so it will gradually peel off as you wash it or wear it, but this ultra suede is made of fabric. Since it is lined, you can continue to wash it or wear it heavily. The texture is also soft and elegant, so it looks like real suede, but it is also characterized by being overwhelmingly light.
The silhouette is a wide silhouette with a sense of volume.
The 2-tuck design is loose around the waist and tapers from below the knee to the hem.
Although it has a sense of volume, the hem is neat, so it doesn't feel unfashionable.
The appearance is three-dimensional and has a strong presence, so you can wear it with just one T-shirt for a nice atmosphere.
The hem has been processed with a lock sewing machine, making it easy to adjust to double, single, or ankle length.

size (cm)
44 / waist 78 rise 33 inseam 93 thigh width 35 hem width 25.5
46 / waist 82 rise 34 inseam 93 thigh width 36 hem width 26
48 / waist 86 rise 35 inseam 93 thigh width 38 hem width 26.5

Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: 44
Material: Polyester 80% Polyurethane 20%

*This product has an untreated hem (length).

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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