NEAT "Linen Bleach Denim Standard Type1"

NEAT" is a Japanese brand specializing in pants launched in the 2015 fall/winter season. The concept of the brand is the same: "Wear a T-shirt on top and sneakers on the bottom, but only wear pants that are well-made. That alone will give you a classy style. This is what the brand is all about.

"Linen Bleach Denim Standard Type1"
This 100% linen denim is made of thick linen, densely woven and slightly bleached, or bleached to the extreme.
We recommend either one or the other, depending on whether you press the denim and wear it neatly or wear it hard and enjoy the wrinkled look. We highly recommend these to those who are a little bored with ordinary denim.
The silhouette is standard. The silhouette is between the standard tapered and wide models, and is similar to the beltless model.
The hems are processed with a lock sewing machine, making it easy to adjust them to your preference of double, single, or ankle length.

SIZE (cm)
44 / Waist 76, Inseam 33, Inseam 94, Vertical width 34, Hem 22
46 / Waist 81, Inseam 34, Inseam 95, Vertical width 35, Hem width 22.5
48 / Waist 86, Inseam 35, Inseam 96, Vertical width 36, Hem width 23
Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: 44

Material :100% cellulose
Product number : 23-01CNW-T1

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