NANAMICA "5Pockets Straight Denim Pants"

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With the keywords ``UTILITY'' and ``SPORTS,'' nanamica proposes ``modern standard wear'' that combines fashion and functionality at a high level, with neutral designs that transcend genre, age, and gender.
We aim to distance ourselves from trends that end quickly and create good items that can last as long as possible in our daily lives.
The name means ``House of the Seven Seas,'' and while valuing the free and relaxing image of the sea, we create things with people from all over the world without being bound by borders or ideology, and we share the things we have created with people all over the world. I would like to disseminate information inside.

"5Pockets Straight Denim Pants"
- Straight-cut 5-pocket denim pants.
・We independently developed a thick uneven thread made of recycled polyester covered with cotton and dyed using rope dyeing. nanamica's original hybrid denim is lightweight, durable, and dries quickly, allowing you to enjoy natural aging.
- Designed for comfort by eliminating side seams.
・Front zipper opening.
- Has a gusset on the inseam that increases the range of motion of the legs.

size (cm)
30 / waist 79 Rise 27.2 Inseam 75.2 Watari 32.5 Hem width 18.5
32 / Waist 84 Rise 28 Inseam 75.2 Watari 34 Hem width 19.5
34 / waist 89 rise 28.8 Inseam 79.1 Watari 35.5 Hem width 20.5
Model wearing: 178cm Wearing size: 34

Material: Indigo CCY Denim (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester)
Made in Japan
Product number: SUCS305

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