MITTAN "ZR-16" Filling Sashiko Woven Bag

MITTAN proposes modern ethnic clothing based on the history of clothing and fabrics left around the world.
By reinterpreting flat structures and combining them with the inherent functionality of natural materials, we aim to create clothes that will last for a long time, unfettered by the ephemeral trends of the times.

-Production background-
The fabrics used are mainly machine-woven fabrics from various parts of Japan such as Enshu, Banshu, and Bishu, as well as hand-woven fabrics from Asian countries such as India and Laos.
As much as possible, our designers go directly to the manufacturing site and work on developing unique materials.
In addition, we mainly use cotton thread for sewing thread, and natural materials for accessories such as woven labels, quality indicators, buttons, etc., and are sewn at our partner factories in Japan.
In addition to regular dyes, plants, indigo, insects, and minerals are used for dyeing, and the uneven color transitions are also seen as beauty.

-Regarding repairs to MITTAN products-
MITTAN's clothes are designed with the premise that they can be worn for a long time, not just for one season, and will continue to be worn even when the fabric starts to wear out. Therefore, we undertake repairs so that you can use it for a long time.
Please see below for details on repairs.
"ZR-16" Filled sashiko woven bag
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size (cm)
Free / W34.5×H34.5

Material: 50% wool, 25% silk, 25% cotton

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