" MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN " means "Made in Occupied Japan" and was a phrase that was required to be displayed on exhibits from Japan from 1947 after the Pacific War until 1952 when the San Francisco Peace Treaty went into effect. . Okinawa is now considered a tropical paradise, but during the Pacific War, fierce ground battles took place, and the land was indiscriminately destroyed by air strikes and naval gunfire, to the extent that the terrain changed. After the war, it came under American rule, and about 50 years have passed since it was returned to Japan in 1972 , but about 70% of the facilities dedicated to the U.S. military in Japan are still concentrated in Okinawa, which is different from the mainland. The unique culture and cityscape that is a fusion of Japan and America remains. MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN = We would like to turn the negative past of war and the military into a message of peace through fashion and pass it on to future generations.


A helmet bag using USARMY 's quilted liner.
Materials are carefully selected from the US military's warehouses for discarded items, and they come from various eras, so no two pieces are the same in terms of condition or color.
The lining is made of water-repellent nylon taffeta. The handle and strap parts are made of materials used in seatbelts, which are strong, resistant to friction, resistant to deterioration, and able to withstand heavy loads.

*Since the material is a real released product, there may be slight scratches, dirt, or skipped stitches. There are small scratches, dirt, and skipped stitches. Please note that this is a feature of the product, not a B product.

size (cm)
Free / Height 50 Width 49 Gusset width 8 Handle height 9

Material: Quilted liner (polyester)
Made in Japan

*This product is currently on sale in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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