Marcel Proust In Search of Lost Time – A la recherche du temps perdu Chapter 1 Towards the Swann Family – Du cote de chez Swann There is an episode in which past memories are revived at once by soaking it in tea and eating it. This madeleine is the origin of "MAD et LEN" and is the concept of product development.
"MAD et LEN" is made in Saint Julian, a remote mountain village in the south of France.
Mad Ellen seeks the lost time, and uses the old-fashioned method of hand-infusing the scent of distilled extraction from flowers, trees, stems, etc. We do not use silicone, paraben, paraffin, PEG, petroleum ingredients such as artificial coloring or fragrance. In addition, we do not use any animal-derived ingredients other than beeswax and do not conduct animal testing. Manufactured to preserve product quality using natural preservatives rather than artificial preservatives.
Each product is unique as it is made by hand. If the packaging and labels are done by hand, the candles are poured into the containers and the perfume is blended by craftsmen. All Madeelen collections are limited edition and made to order like an apothecary. Unlike mass-produced products, we want to take the time and effort to get back to the roots of perfume and want to spread the goodness of our products directly. Using an old-fashioned blue bottle with high light blocking effect, the handmade finished box is also a characteristic of Madeelen.

"POT POURRI BLACK BLOCK VEGETAL AMBER" Potpourri black block amber (amber resin)
A potpourri-type room fragrance that you can enjoy by coating natural resin with scent. If you soak the included recharge oil, the scent will be stronger. The scent will last longer if you avoid using it in dry conditions such as direct sunlight. The iron container is handmade by Moroccan craftsmen and has a unique look like a work of art.
*15ml recharge oil is included.

DARKWOOD (dark wood)
"Primitive Craft"
A smoky and woody scent of elegant ebony with a deep relaxing feeling.

“The dance of sparks like fireflies in the dark night, the throbbing of your heart as you make your way through the damp earth in the dark fog.”
Fertile humus, bark, minerals, old pine and oak trees, cold mushrooms. A scent that embraces the dark, damp earth with a quiet, powerful spiciness and a hint of sweetness.

size (cm)
Width 14 x Depth 7 x Height 7
*Please note that there may be individual differences in size as these are handmade.

Made in France

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