A thin rope stretched over and over again on a 5mm-thick thin plate with multiple slits. "LAFABLIGHT" is a new brand born in France in 2021, which shows a unique and cool look depending on the shape of the frame and the intersection of the ropes, even though it has a warm texture and simple structure. .
Two people, Laurent Rousseau and Cyril Mayet, who are based in Chartres, a city in central France, are working on the project. Laurent is a talented director who has worked with many creators in the advertising industry. On the other hand, Cyril, a brilliant designer, has been active in a wide range of fields such as editorial and interior.
Cyril, who has a deep knowledge of vintage, was fond of lamp shades made in Northern Europe in the 1950s and 1960s, with strings wrapped around wooden frames. The familiar and rustic expression is attractive, but it is a little too idyllic for modern spaces and lacks freshness.
Can we find a new design direction while retaining the essence of the vintage? It all started when his longtime friend Roland saw Cyril repeatedly making prototypes of various forms with his own hands and asked, "Isn't it possible to develop it as an actual product?"

With a focus on Made in France, the materials are sawn from trees such as oak, poplar, and beech that live in a forest about 200 kilometers west of Paris. Since it is necessary to assemble while adjusting the delicate tension, domestic furniture workshops carefully finish each piece by hand when it comes to assembling and weaving threads.
The shade consists of 5 basic shapes, but by changing the arrangement pattern of the threads like a complicated geometric pattern, Rafablight has a total of 60 patterns. The silhouette changes when the lights are turned on and when they are turned off. Furthermore, it is also characterized by showing various different expressions depending on the viewing angle.

Country of Origin: France
Material: Wood, natural cotton thread
Compatible light bulb: Base size E26 40W x 1 (LED compatible)
Size: Diameter 24.5cm Height 36.5cm
Cord length: 2m
Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

*Bulb not included.
*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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