Komura Kihan "Toride Plate" (Okinawa Arayaki)

Author: Komura Kihan
Production area: Nanjo City, Okinawa
size: W16.5cm×H1.8cm
Material: pottery

-About Mr. Furumura's pottery-
Ms. Komura does not use glaze, so the expression of his pottery is that of clay. The ingredients look great. This type of pottery is called ``Arayachi'' and is not glazed.It is also called ``Nanban''. It is generally called yakishime.
The first characteristic of Nanban is that it is a pottery that retains heat. Even if you put hot food in it, it will continue to feel warm and cool. The other thing is the tiny holes on the surface of the pottery. The ingredients of the soil and ingredients are mixed together, giving it a mellow taste and excellent preservation and aging. There is a reason why it has been used for sake jars, soy sauce, and miso jars since ancient times. Even now, rough-fired sake jars are always used to age awamori.

Ms. Komura's kiln is an old-fashioned anagama kiln. The anagama kiln has a firing chamber in which the work is fired and a combustion chamber in which the fuel (firewood) is burned. It is characterized by the fact that it can be seen. The price varies depending on the appearance of the pottery, but the clay is the same.

It is made from a blend of soils from the southern part of the main island of Okinawa, called jagar, maji, kucha, and neibi.
We are particular about using Ryukyu pine for most of the firewood we use as fuel. It is fired for about six days using Ryukyu pine as fuel.

-Care of Arayaki-
Baked pots may pick up food odors. If there is a smell, first soak it in water overnight.
Most of the time, this method won't bother you. If you can't remove it at once, boiling it will be effective. Repeat until you no longer feel the smell.
When washing, especially at first, the particles are coarse, so we recommend using a scrubbing brush.
You can use regular dishwashing detergent. Since ceramics are more fragile than porcelain, it is best to avoid soaking them in the wash.
You can use the washed vessels for a long time by wiping off the moisture and drying them before storing them.
If you store it while it absorbs water, it may cause mold, stains, or cracks.
Finally, running it through boiling water will dry it quickly and prevent odors and mold.
Instead of worrying about handling and refraining from using it, use the container as much as possible.
Each time you use it, it becomes smoother and the appearance of the bowl changes.

*Due to the nature of soil and mud glaze, there may be small flakes or chips, but please consider this to be a natural characteristic of the soil. Not eligible for defective replacement. After taking it out of the kiln, it is carefully processed, so please use it with confidence. Some items have been repaired and reinforced. Please keep this in mind as well. If a regular tableware sponge becomes crumbly, please use a scrubbing brush.

*This product is currently on sale in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.

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