Kenji Sato "Crawling Bear"

"Crawling Bear Sophora"

Author: Kenji Sato (Kenji Sato)
Origin: Asahikawa, Hokkaido Size: W30cm H22.5cm D20.5cm
Material: Sophora japonica

Kenji Sato is a master sculptor from Asahikawa, Hokkaido, who is currently celebrating his 50th anniversary as a woodcarver.
He is a sculptor who has been working with wood since he was 22 years old and has created numerous works, and will turn 73 in 2023.
The focus of their work is on cute, abstract wooden carvings of bears with beveled edges, affectionately known as "Ken-chan Bear."
The wooden carvings of bears are created by calculating annual rings (patterns on the cross-section of wood), and each one has a different expression, making them works that allow you to feel the warmth and dynamism of wood.

Born in 1950 in Furano, the home of lavender
1973: Studied under Noriaki, the brother of the founder of "Sato Kuma"
In 1985, he established his own creative wood carving studio, Sato, in Asahikawa.
1996: Started carving owls using his own unique technique.
In 2002, he started focusing on fish, and responded to the various requests of his fans, including salmon, flounder, sculpin, and deep-sea fish.
2018 He released the roughly cut carved bears he had been working on before as "Ken-chan Bear."

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