JILL PLATNER "river rock bracelet"

Jill Plattner jewelery reflects a deep love and respect for the natural world.
The design, which is expressed using silver and gold, has a simple and organic form, but also has modernity, and is a presence that transcends time and can be attached to. You can feel the warmth of handwork in all of the jewelry collections, which are all handmade at the atelier in the basement of the directly managed shop and showroom on the outskirts of SOHO, NY.
She is also a surfer, and she has her eye on a material called "tenara sewing thread" as a material for stringing together silver and gold beads. This is a special sewing thread developed and produced by Gore, known for Gore-Tex. can live with

"river rock bracelet"
Material / Body - Silver925 Knitting thread - tenara sewing thread
Country of origin / USA
size (cm)
7.25inch / Actual length (from the inside edge of the ring to the base of the toggle) 18.145cm Overall length (end to end) 19cm

*This brand is prohibited from being sold at the online store due to the intention of the brand. If you would like to purchase mail order, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
TEL / 098-943-0563

JILL PLATNER jewelry can be ordered at any time even for models that are not in stock at the store.
We have catalogs available at the store, so when you place an order, you can choose your favorite model, size, and color of braid.
Orders are sent to NY on the 10th of every month and delivered at the end of the next month to the beginning of the month after next (there may be a slight delay).

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