"Yuugen" is derived from the meaning of "the deep and immeasurable taste of things".

HEUGN pursues the "deep and immeasurable beauty" of the Japanese and explores the gap between "tradition" and "now".
Well tailored, simple, high quality, elegant and deep beauty.
By wearing your favorite clothes with care, they will be passed down from generation to generation and become clothes that increase in value.

“Clothes that you want to wear for a long time”
We will continue to create important products that connect people's thoughts.

Brand standard band collar shirt "Rob"
Based on British military shirts from the 1940s.
It is a detachable collar (removable collar specification) which is the style at that time.
It has a unique switching of two sleeves to ensure the momentum of the sleeves. (Slightly different from Regular.)
The amount of pleats on the back yoke has been increased to ensure the momentum of the best time to see it, and the yoke is high.
It features a unique gusset design that is designed to cut and spread the tail to ensure momentum.

We use fabrics from Italian fabric manufacturers.
It is made of traditional poplin material and is slightly thicker than regular dress shirts.
The compact material is well-crafted and feels good on the skin as you wear it, giving it a moderately casual look.

size (cm)
2 / Length 86 Shoulder width 47 Sleeve length 61 Width 54
3 / Length 88 Shoulder width 49 Sleeve length 62 Width 56
A wearing model: 178cm wearing size: 3

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.

Please note.

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