HEUGN "Morris x Salvatore VINTAGE STRIPE"

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The word "Yugen" comes from the meaning that "the essence of things is profound and unfathomable."

HEUGN pursues the "profound, immeasurable beauty" of the Japanese people and explores the gap between "tradition" and "the present."
Well-tailored, simple, high quality, elegant and profoundly beautiful.
By taking good care of your favorite clothes, they can be passed down through generations and become even more valuable.

"Clothes that you'll want to wear for a long time"
Our foundation is to create important products that connect people's thoughts.

"Morris band collar 140/2 Sky Blue"
"Morris" band collar shirt released in 23SS
A band collar shirt based on a French evening shirt from the 1920s.

A relaxed silhouette with ample shoulder width and chest width.
The fabric is a vintage stripe from SALVATORE PICCOLO, a classic look with a beige base and white and blue lines.

Size (cm)
2 / Length 85 Shoulder width 52 Sleeve length 65 Width 65
3 / Length 87 Shoulder width 53 Sleeve length 66 Width 68
Model is 178cm tall and wearing size 3

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Product number: SHIRT079

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