HEUGN "James"

HEUGN is derived from the word "yugen," meaning "the profound and immeasurable beauty of things.
HEUGN pursues the "profound and immeasurable beauty" of the Japanese, and explores the gap between "tradition" and "the present".
Simple, high-quality, elegant, and profoundly beautiful clothes that are well tailored.
We want our favorite clothes to be handed down from generation to generation through careful wear, and to become clothes that increase in value.
Clothes that you will want to wear for a long time.
We will continue to make important products that connect people's thoughts and feelings.

"James" regular collar shirt
The brand's standard regular-collar shirt "James
It is based on an order-made shirt from the 1940s in France.
The collar is a small regular collar that is easy to wear in a modern way, and the specification of the stitching of the core suppression of an old-fashioned collar is adopted.
The sleeves feature a unique two-piece sleeve construction to secure the amount of movement in the sleeves.
Elegant gathers are incorporated in the back yoke to ensure the movement of the garment.
The cut of the tail and the hexagonal pieces placed on the gusset give the shirt the elegant feel of a dress shirt.
The fabric is made from a Japanese fabric manufacturer.
The 140/2 shirt fabric is woven using cut and sewn raw materials and product dyed.
The fibers are densely woven into the typewriter fabric, which becomes more pleasant to the touch as it is worn, giving it a moderately casual look and feel. The soft texture of the product dyeing is also attractive.

Size (cm)
2 / Length 86, Shoulder width 46, Sleeve length 62, Body width 57
3 / Length 88 Shoulder width 48 Sleeve length 63 Body width 59
Wearing model: 174cm, size: 2

Material : 100% Cotton
Product number : SHIRT042

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Please understand this in advance.

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