HEUGN "George"

HEUGN is derived from the word "yugen," meaning "the profound and immeasurable beauty of things.
HEUGN pursues the "profound and immeasurable beauty" of the Japanese, and explores the gap between "tradition" and "the present".
Simple, high-quality, elegant, and profoundly beautiful clothes that are well tailored.
We want our favorite clothes to be handed down from generation to generation through careful wear, and to become clothes that increase in value.
Clothes that you will want to wear for a long time.
We will continue to make important products that connect people's thoughts and feelings.

The brand's standard 2-tuck wide pants "George
The silhouette of the pants was inspired by the DC boom of the 1980s.
They feature a classic form with a high waist and fitted around the waist, which was also the style of the time.
The belt loops are positioned lower than usual to emphasize the sexiness of the waist when fastened with a belt.
The pockets are slightly sporty with a single ball-rimmed pocket, and are balanced a little lower for a more pleasing appearance in the back.
The overall form of the pants is different from that of casual pants, as they are made based on dress pants, so they are characterized by a clean, slim appearance from the front. From the side, the silhouette is wide across the legs and across the knees.
The fabric is from an Italian fabric manufacturer. It is characterized by its elegant luster and smooth texture.

Size (cm)
1 / Waist 78, inseam 31, inseam 74, width 33, hem width 19
2 / Waist 82, 31.5 inseam, 75 inseam, 34.5 width (width at hem) 20
3 / Waist 86, Inseam 32, Inseam 76, Width at Vertical 36, Hem Width 21
Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: 1

Material : 100% Cotton
Made in Japan
Product Number : TROUSER035

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