HEUGN "Aaron Tapered 2p wool linen"

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The word ``yūgen'' comes from the meaning of ``the depth and immeasurability of things.''

HEUGN pursues the "deep and immeasurable beauty" of the Japanese people and explores the gap between "tradition" and "now."
Well-tailored, simple, high quality, refined and profoundly beautiful.
By wearing your favorite clothes with care, you can pass them down from generation to generation, and your clothes will increase in value.

“Clothes you want to wear for a long time”
We will continue to create important products that connect people's feelings.

"Aaron Tapered 2p wool linen"
"Aaron" is based on French formal dress pants.
The waist area can be adjusted using side adjusters without belt loops, and the tucked-in look is clean and beautiful.
The silhouette is tapered, neither too thick nor too thin. It can be matched with both casual and elegant styles.
Made from wool and linen material from an Italian luxury fabric manufacturer. It is characterized by its unique thickness and soft texture.

size (cm)
1 / Waist 80 Rise 31 Inseam 75 Watari 33 Hem width 20
2 / Waist 83 Rise 32 Inseam 75.5 Watari 34 Hem width 20.5
3 / Waist 86 Rise 33 Inseam 76 Waist 35 Hem width 21
Model wearing: 178cm Wearing size: 3

Material: 100% wool
Made in JAPAN
Product Number: TRUSER050

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