Hender Scheme "top lift coin purse"

Hender Scheme
While sex indicates physical and biological differences, gender refers to social and cultural differences. Hender Scheme respects gender differences based on sex, but advocates a concept that transcends gender schemas structured by human experience and environment without gender in clothing. The brand name Hender Scheme is a coined word from the psychological term Gender Schema. The first letter of Gender is H, which is one letter higher in the alphabet, to express the concept of "transcending gender." In "design" which belongs to the field of social gender differences, the concept is "to design freely beyond gender without being bound by gender differences between men and women," and they design balanced "things" by placing emphasis on the balance between fashion and craft.

"top lift coin purse"

As the name suggests, this coin case features a top lift and a leather sole with a heel shape. The Italian Britannia Vacchetta leather has a natural texture that is characteristic of vegetable tanning, and the more you use it, the darker the color and the more lustrous it becomes. The color blocks are expressed with split seams, and the thickness is carefully adjusted to make the whole piece look flat. The inside is lined with pig leather, and the opening is spring-loaded for easy use.

Size (cm)
Free / W8.7 × H10.6

Material: cow leather/pig leather
Made in Japan

*During the manufacturing process, the leather may be rubbed and look like it has scratches, but these are not scratches but rather marks left by wax rubbing off.
Due to the nature of the product, please be aware of this before placing your order.

*Wrinkles, scars, blood vessels and other characteristics unique to leather may be visible, but these individual differences are also commercialized as part of the product's design.
Due to individual differences in leather, the actual product may differ slightly from the image shown in the photo.
In addition, all products are handmade by craftsmen using delicate leather, so they may contain small scratches and stains.
Please be aware that this is due to the characteristics of the product before purchasing.

*This product is also sold in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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