FILMELANGE "DYLAN" Crewneck Tee (Amami Mud Dye)

This is the ultimate cut and sew brand, launched in the spring of 2007.
The name FilMelange comes from the meaning of "mixed color (Melange) thread (Fil)".
It is a heathered yarn that has long been used for T-shirts and sweatshirts.
This is a carefully crafted product made by artisans worthy of being called Japanese masters, using carefully selected natural materials in the colors of "everyday life" that are unpretentious, look good on anyone, and are loved across the ages. The fabric is soft, light, and beautiful, woven from the colors.
FilMelange is thoroughly in-house developed, from the selection of the raw material "cotton" to "yarn", "fabric" and "sewing". In addition, we are committed to manufacturing in Japan and are also working on training future craftsmen in our own factory.
We would be delighted if you could get your hands on one of our products, which we have made with all our heart, and experience the joy of wearing it.

For more information about AMAMI MUD DYE, please see below.

"DYLAN" Crewneck Tee (Amami Mud Dye)
This special item is made using "GIZA cotton" jersey, a type of extra-long staple cotton, and features a new, original pattern created specifically for this project.
We enlisted the help of Higo Dyeing Co., Ltd., and each piece was hand-dyed by a craftsman.
This item is a special order item available exclusively at two stores: the select shop "MAIDENS SHOP" in Harajuku and our store "SOUTH STORE."

Size (cm)
6 / Length 67 Shoulder width 60 Sleeve length 26 Width 57
Model is 178cm tall and wears size 6

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

<Please be aware that the following are product characteristics before purchasing>
-As the items are hand dyed, there will be individual differences.
Please enjoy the uneven color transitions that are the result of natural dyeing. The unique unevenness is the greatest feature of the product and cannot be expressed with chemical dyes.
-Since it is easily sunburned, please store it in a place away from direct sunlight.
・When the product arrives, the tannins specific to indigo dyeing may float to the surface, causing a smell and a yellow-brown color. In this case, please follow the steps below to care for the product before wearing it. The tannins will disappear, and the vivid color specific to natural indigo dyeing will become even more pronounced.

Daily care
- Wash gently with water, or if possible, by hand.
- Dry in the shade to prevent sunburn.
-Avoid dry cleaning.
・Please wash separately from other clothes for the first few times as color transfer may occur.
After that, wash it together with dark colored items or wash it separately.
・Please use a neutral detergent that does not contain bleach or fluorescent whitening agents. Alternatively, please use a special detergent that does not fade easily.

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