FAT LAVA "Otto Keramik Vintage Germany Pottery 216"


Old West German porcelain made in the 1960s and 70s. It features a design that looks like flowing lava, and the changes in glaze and unique colors are eye-catching. FAT LAVA has many fans in Europe as a collector's item, and in recent years it has become popular in the United States and Japan. (FAT LAVA literally translates to fat lava.)

"Otto Keramik  Vintage Germany Pottery 216"
FAT LAVA can be used not only as a flower base, but also as an interior decoration just by placing it in a room. It is recommended not only for your home, but also for decorating your store. Also, since it is an item that you will be happy to receive, it will be appreciated as a gift. -Condition- Overall there are small scratches and rubbing due to aging.

Free / Height approx. 5 Width approx. 27 Bore approx. 20

Material : Pottery
Made in W.Germany

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