FARAH "Denim two-tuck wide tapered pants"

Born in Texas in 1920 as a workwear brand that combines durability and design.
After that, the brand was reborn in England in the 1970s, and recognized as an extremely British brand with a slim and sharp style, hopsack trousers as an icon. The "F" brand tab, which is a symbol of FARAH, is also known as an icon representing the culture of the time.

"Denim two-tuck wide tapered pants"
Wide denim pants with a deep tuck at the waist for a three-dimensional feel and sharpness.
By finishing the tapered slightly short, it gives a relaxed yet clean impression.

size (cm)
30 / waist 76 rise 33 inseam 70 thigh 34 hem width 22
32 / waist 81 rise 35 inseam 70.5 thigh 37 hem width 23
34 / waist 86 rise 36 inseam 71 thigh 39 hem width 24
A wearing model: 174cm wearing size: 30

Material: 100% cotton
Made in China

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
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